April 16, 2024

Common Myths About Gastric Sleeve Surgery Debunked

Are you looking at getting gastric sleeve surgery in Toronto? At MyLife Bariatrics, exclusively perform the sleeve procedure at our clinic. Some patients are hesitant or worried about proceeding with surgery and today’s blog posts reflects some of the guidance we provide to them to help make a more balanced and informed decision

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding gastric sleeve surgery — from what a sleeve is, what the surgery entails, and what aftercare is like. At MyLife Bariatrics, we believe knowledge is power for our patients - to that end, we hope to debunk some of the common myths about gastric sleeve surgery.

Myth: Gastric Sleeve Surgery is Risky

Any surgery and all forms of sustainable weight loss come with some risks, but the risks with gastric sleeve surgery in the modern era are exceedingly low. Today the rate of a major complication with a sleeve like bleeding or leak is between 1-2%. To help put things in perspective, in fact, the mortality rate of bariatric surgery today is less than common procedures like knee replacements or gallbladder surgery.

What we are now wising upto is that it’s far riskier living with the irreversible impacts of obesity than going through with sleeve surgery among most patients. Studies show that weight loss surgeries lead to a dramatic drop in premature death and decreased rates of diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

Myth: It is a Lengthy Process with a Long Recovery

All gastric sleeve surgeries in Toronto that we perform are done laparoscopically — basically, “keyhole surgery” that uses small incisions and a 5mm camera. Laparoscopic surgeries avoid large unsightly scars, are quicker to perform with less time “under”. There is less pain, less nausea and much faster recovery times. In fact, patients in our out-of-hospital private practice go home the same day and sleeve in their own bed that very night.

Myth: It is a Quick Fix

Many people assume that gastric sleeve surgery will get them down to a “normal” weight quickly. The majority of patients will experience a 50-60% excess weight loss, but this is entirely individual and different patients have different outcomes and this cannot be predicted.

Remember though, gastric sleeve surgery is but one component in the care of patients that struggle with their weight. Surgery can get you there, but portion control, healthy food choices, regularity in exercise, good mental health and sometimes medications, will help keep you there. After leaving our surgical center, your journey is not done. We deeply understand this journey at MyLife. It remains our passion and goal with our partners at HOW Helath clinics to help our patients develop so many healthy habits for long-lasting results.

Myth: The Operation Changes Your Anatomy

As a patient, it’s normal to feel concerned regarding what surgery could do to alter your body. Rest assured, gastric sleeve surgery is minimally invasive. Unlike a gastric bypass surgery, we do not reroute your digestive system. We leave the pyloric portion of your stomach intact to reduce any chance of dumping syndrome, a condition where rapid gastric emptying causes cramps, nausea, and diarrhea. We do however remove a signficant portion of your stomach in sleeve surgery, so yes, it is irreversibly. Know that sleeve surgery can be revised or converted to a bypass if necessary - this is extremely and exceedingly rare.

Gastric sleeve surgery is ultimately a simple procedure that avoids the risks associated with bypasseds and helps you achieve significant weight loss and non-scale results.

Myth: You Can’t Just Eat Anything After Surgery

Actually, you can mostly eat anything you want just in smaller qunatities If you have undergone gastric sleeve surgery in our Toronto clinic, you can take advantage of a unique and comprehensive and enhanced aftercare program led by our partners at HOW Clinics. This care provides dietary, exercise, psychotherapeutic and sometimes medication based care.

A balanced and portioned post-surgery is important to ensuring you stay healthy and keep the weight off long-term. Your new lifestyle will start with protein-rich liquids before progressing to pureed food and then solid food by the end of month 1. The work you put into your aftercare will pay dividends down the road with long-lasting weight loss and a healthier life.

Know that you are never alone in this process, we at MyLife Bariatrics are here to help you every step of the way.

MyLife Bariatrics: Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Toronto Experts

Gastric sleeve surgery is a safe, minimally invasive procedure that can dramatically improve your health. For our patients, it is far riskier to live with obesity than to have it treated with weight loss surgery.

If you are curious and excited about gastric sleeve surgery in Toronto and the surrounding area, contact MyLife Bariatrics today. Our experts are here to answer any questions and help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Book a consultation with us today or call MyLife Bariatrics at (416) 249-7899. You can also visit us at mylifebariatrics.com and follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

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