December 4, 2023

How Much Weight Can I Lose After Sleeve Surgery?

When you are looking to undergo gastric sleeve surgery, it is only natural that you want to know exactly how much weight you lose with sleeve surgery. 

Before even getting there though, remember the number on the scale is less important than getting rid of the barriers in your life that extra weight or extra fat has added. These are often called weight based barriers. From poor mobility that limits your ability to travel or play with your kids to shortness of breath that requires the need for a CPAP overnight to high blood pressure or diabetes that requires life-long medication and shortens your lifespan - these barriers can be be dismantled with varied levels of weight loss. Even 10-15% lost can get you there and have little to do with the exact target number on the scale.

Also remember everyone’s underlying physiology and genetics are different so the amount of weight loss will always vary from one patient to another, even among siblings. In the same way that you have unique tastes for foods, the factors that affect your weight are specific to you.

About Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery boasts a remarkable success rate, offering a less complex procedure with minimal associated risks. Typically, this surgery is performed as a day procedure and patient’s are close to their normal selves in 1.5-2 weeks. You are able to walk the evening of surgery but naturally, feel tired for at least 10-14 days after surgery. Pain is minimal and nausea can be well controlled.

The procedure removes a big part of the stomach responsible for producing the appetite-stimulating hormone, ghrelin, effectively curbing one's hunger. The smaller stomach now has less stretch and makes you feel full sooner.

Many focus on a transformation before and after surgery. You are not transforming. You are amazing the way you are but there is a healthier version of you that exists. So lets’ get rid of the idea of transformation. That healthier desire in you has always existed, but let yourself accept just a little help.

Many factors contribute to helping you break through your “weight based barriers” These factors can include your initial weight, genetics, post-surgery dietary and portion control, age, genetics, lifestyle, pre-existing health conditions like diabetes, and did we mention, genetics? 

When it comes to numbers, on average, patients lose on the low end 50% of their excess body weight. At the mid range, patients lose 60% of their excess body weight and at the high end can lose 80% of their excess body weight. This typically occurs over 18-24 months and happens in stepwise fashion, not typically in a linear way.

Wait. This is different from total body weight where patients lose 25-35 total body weight from surgery of this kind. So what is excess body weight? Excess body weight the difference between your weight at your current Body Mass Index (BMI) - your weight at a BMI of 25. Reach out to MyLife’s InstaCONSULT and we will get you these numbers the same day! 

How to Maintain Weight Loss

First, know that weight comes off in a stepwise fashion, it is not linear - every week is not the same and every month is not the same. Stick to healthy habits - get support from our team at MyLife Bariatrics and HOW Clinics and you will see results.

Weight maintenance and weight regain after any kind of weight loss remains an incredibly complex issue that we as doctors, nurses and scientists are trying to better understand and solve. The body has more mechanisms in place for you to gain weight than to lose weight. That means, each pound you lose is harder than the last and can come back easier. Today, weight loss surgery is the most effective method to achieve lasting weight loss success.

Also remember, in the first year you will feel full early. By 15-18 months, this feeling can change, and you won’t always feel as full. This is not a sign you should consume more. Your body is down-regulating key hormones to encourage this kind of consumption. Remember surgery can get you there, but commitment and hard work will keep you there. Stick to the portion control that you have mastered.

Here are a few final key items to remember to help maintain your hard-earned weight loss achievements. If you struggle, don’t shoulder all the responsibility, know that this happens and reach out to MyLife Bariatrics & HOW Clinics for help!

  • Portion control is your key to enjoy life and maintain your success
  • Watch your caloric intake at the end of the day, during stressful times and on celebratory days
  • Don’t overexercise - just focus on 20-25 minutes of walking a day, get your body moving and get blood to your muscles
  • Have a restful sleep - find ways to optimize your bedroom environment to prioritize your 8+ hours of regeneration
  • Manage personal & life stress with a good support system - surround yourself with people who care about you and will cheer you on

Although it requires an enduring commitment, sleeve surgery offers the opportunity for a new beginning toward a sustainable and healthy life.

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