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Questions about the Allurion Balloon

How much weight can I expect to lose?

A Gastric sleeve operation limits your stomach wall's stretch and in doing so makes you feel full sooner. It also reduces a key hunger-causing hormone called Ghrelin. Most patients will lose 60-100lbs of weight, depending on their starting weight. Today, weight loss medications can be used to help maintain and/or achieve better weight loss results. We are committed to helping you achieve your best results, but know that all results vary between individuals.

How long is the procedure? What will recovery be like?

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy or "the sleeve" is performed in roughly 45mins to 1 hour including your time under general anesthesia. You are completely asleep for the procedure. The procedure is performed as a day procedure and after a monitored period in our recovery room you are safely discharged once you are tolerating some fluid intake by mouth and your pain is more than manageable. Over the next few days, you slowly increase your fluid intake and manage your mild pain and nausea, if any, with our comprehensive script of medications. We encourage you to be mobile, up and about every day, and ready to connect with us for our check-in appointments.

Can I still enjoy eating and dining with friends?

Sleeve surgery will not directly impact any foods you enjoy eating. Your cravings may change, but the most significant impact will be on your hunger drive and food portion sizes. Both our surgeons and our medical team at the HOW clinic are here to guide you every step of the way with food choices, one-on-one coaching and answers to all your surgical questions.

How fast will I lose the weight and is it permanent?

Quick fixes only lead to quick losses. We want you to lose weight and gain all the benefits of life changing weight loss and do so in a healthy fashion and most importantly, with long lasting results. Over the course of the first year and a half after sleeve surgery we expect you to lose the most significant amount of your weight. Our partnership with the HOW clinic is central to your success as we want to support your progress with important lifestyle advice and targeted medical therapies if needed. This investment in your success can help make your weight loss long lasting. If gains occur along the way, you are not alone and we are here to guide and support you.

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