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At MyLife Bariatrics, we’re the eminent weight loss clinic in Hamilton, Ontario. Our esteemed surgeons are distinguished for their expertise in weight loss surgery in Canada.

They specialize in various procedures, including gastric bypasses, gastric sleeves, duodenal switches, and various revisional procedures. Moreover, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive Enhanced AfterCare program, which is meticulously crafted to facilitate the attainment and sustenance of transformative results.

With a cumulative experience spanning over 25 years, our surgeons have adeptly conducted thousands of weight loss procedures. A proficient team of two weight loss surgeons meticulously execute each gastric sleeve surgery, ensuring paramount safety standards and consistent outcomes.

Comprehending Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery, or bariatric surgery, is a surgical intervention that assists individuals grappling with obesity in attaining substantial and enduring weight loss while ameliorating their overall health and quality of life.

At our esteemed clinic in Hamilton, we cater to individuals hailing from all corners of Canada. Employing minimally invasive techniques for most surgeries enables the majority of patients to return home on the same day.

These surgeries alter the biological mechanisms regulating hunger, such as GLP-1, ghrelin, and leptin, culminating in a plethora of beneficial alterations within the body, encompassing enhanced blood sugar control, diminished fat deposition in blood vessels, and primarily, weight loss.

Noteworthy for their safety, weight loss surgeries typically yield an average excess weight loss of 50-60% within 1-2 years, effectively mitigating numerous weight-related health conditions, including but not limited to high blood pressure, diabetes, and elevated cholesterol levels.

Collaborating with HOW Clinics, we proffer a holistic gamut of treatments as part of a comprehensive, enduring plan for sustained weight loss:

Nutrition Guidance: Empowering individuals to make informed dietary choices conducive to their weight loss journey.

Anti-Obesity Medications: Evaluating the potential of medications to complement surgery and bolster long-term success.

Health Coaching: Providing personalized one-on-one coaching sessions to foster motivation and surmount obstacles.

Personalized Wellness App: Facilitating access to all HOW clinic + MyLife resources and guidance through a tailored app.

Psychotherapy: Harnessing evidence-based therapy to address cognitive distortions and foster personal development.

Qualification Criteria for Weight Loss Surgery

Eligibility for surgery at our esteemed weight loss clinic in Hamilton hinges upon body mass index (BMI), a metric used to gauge body fat and assess the risk of obesity-related maladies.

To qualify for bariatric surgery, individuals must meet one of the following criteria:

- BMI greater than 40
- A BMI of 35 or higher coupled with an obesity-related condition like heart disease or type 2 diabetes
- BMI of 30 or higher with poorly managed type 2 diabetes

Gastric sleeve surgery is often preferred because of its simplicity and prompt recovery period.

Understanding Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery, also known as laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, is the most prevalent bariatric surgery due to its simplicity and safety. It is the primary surgical modality offered at our distinguished weight loss clinic in Hamilton, Ontario.

During gastric sleeve surgery, approximately 80% of the stomach, including the portion responsible for ghrelin production (the hunger hormone), is excised, yielding a banana-shaped stomach. This reduction in stomach size precipitates diminished food intake and hunger pangs, ultimately fostering weight loss and enhancing metabolism.

Surgery Expectations

On the day earmarked for surgery, we recommend arriving an hour beforehand. Subsequently, our anesthesiologist and pre-operative nurse will assess you to review your health information.

Following this, you will consult with your surgical team to address any queries before the procedure. After consultation, you will be dressed in surgical garb and escorted to a private surgical suite.

Following the surgery, which typically spans 30-45 minutes, you will be transitioned to the recovery room for 2-4 hours under the vigilant supervision of our medical cadre. We will ensure your comfort and alleviate any pain or nausea you may encounter.

Once you are deemed comfortable and proficient in ambulation and fluid intake, you will receive prescriptions for pain and nausea relief. Subsequently, a designated family member or friend can retrieve you.

In the ensuing days post-surgery, our surgeons and nurses will monitor your progress from the comfort of your abode to facilitate a seamless recovery.

MyLife Bariatrics: Your Preeminent Weight Loss Clinic in Hamilton, Ontario

At MyLife Bariatrics, our collective proficiency positions us as the quintessential weight loss clinic in Hamilton and beyond. Should you harbour weight loss aspirations, we pledge to assist you in realizing them with enduring efficacy.

Should you be interested in learning more about bariatric surgery, do not hesitate to contact MyLife Bariatrics today. Our adept experts are poised to answer any questions and accompany you on your weight loss expedition.

Embark on your transformative journey by scheduling a consultation with us immediately or contacting MyLife Bariatrics at (416) 293-6111. Alternatively, visit and connect with us on Instagram or Facebook.